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1,000 hours

1,000 hours


Doing anything voluntary for 1,000  hours seems like madness. 

It would be difficult to do 1,000 hours of anything.

What if it was hard grueling labor ? unpaid ?


yeah right …


Well check out these silent heroes who made our slice of Tennessee more accessible! By investing 1,000 hours of their free time, seeing nature is now possible for those who have physical disabilities by making paths and clearing out poisonous plants. Families with little ones and the elderly can now also enjoy getting outside.


In Benton TN, the heart of Ocoee River and the whitewater visitors’ center, 1,000 hours were put towards making a safe place to enjoy powerful water, fun leisure adventure, and beautiful Tennessee views. These hours below represent civilian superheros who offered their time and hearts to making one of the most sought after excursions within our state boarders.


These volunteers consistently put forth hours of their free time to offer an unforgettable experience to those who pass through the high-arched bridge . As we reflect, we thank them in their efforts . Three cheers to those who gave up 1,000 hours. Your efforts are forever appreciated!

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