Outdoor recreation has become one of America’s favorite pastimes. We invite you to visit the Chattanooga region of Southeast Tennessee to enjoy all the outdoor fun we have to offer, but we ask you to please “Adventure Smart” while here. Over the next few months, TN State Park Manager Angelo Giansante will be sharing some entertaining tips to help keep you and our communities safe. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @AdventureSmartTN

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Family Friendly Smarts:

Tennessee’s state parks and wilderness areas provide a wonderful natural locations for family, friends and visitors to get together to recreate. We all want to enjoy the outdoors with our families. So for the love of Tennessee, please practice family-friendly behavior by respecting nature and one another.

Water Smarts:

If you’re planning on visiting to enjoy our streams, waterfalls and whitewater rivers, you need to plan properly. Enjoy the water safely by being prepared and having the right equipment. We want your adventures to be inspiring, not intimidating.

Litter Smarts:

We hope you have a wonderful time exploring the beauty and splendor of Tennessee’s many trails and wilderness areas. While you’re here, please be considerate and don’t litter. For the love of Tennessee, always pack out what you brought in and please practice “Leave No Trace” principles, no matter where you are.

Trail Smarts:

There’s nothing quite like an invigorating hike on a beautiful trail in one of Tennessee’s many parks. Fresh air, peace and quiet, stunning views. Just remember, as awesome as hiking can be, it carries with it real risk. For the love of Tennessee, please practice smart trail safety. We want you to enjoy your hike, not your rescue.

Planning Smarts:

Many good times and adventures await you on our trails and in our parks, but proper preparation and planning are critical to ensure that your good time doesn’t become a bad time. Proper planning can make or break a trip. For the love of Tennessee, have a plan before you head out and share that plan with somebody else. Enjoy the adventure, not the calamity.

Resources in Southeast Tennessee:

Hiwassee/Ocoee State Park
Visitor Center:  404 Spring Creek Rd., Delano, TN

Polk County Government:  
Benton, TN:  423-338-5733
Ducktown, TN:  423-496-3546
Copperhill, TN:  423-496-5141

Polk Co. Chamber of Commerce
2009 US-64, Benton, TN 

Bradley County Government:  423-728-7096
Cleveland, TN:  423-472-4551

Bradley Co. Chamber of Commerce
225 Keith St. SW, Cleveland, TN 

Meigs County Chamber of Commerce
291 Abel Avenue, Decatur, TN

Cherokee National Forest:

Ocoee River Ranger District – Visitor Center
3171 Hwy. 64, Benton, TN

Ocoee Whitewater Center
4400 Hwy. 64, Copperhill, TN

Cherokee National Forest Supervisor’s Office
2800 Ocoee St. NW, Cleveland, TN

South Cumberland State Park – Visitor Center
11745 US-41, Monteagle, TN

Grundy County Government
68 Cumberland St., Altamont, TN

Tennessee’s South Cumberland Tourism Partnership, Inc
115 Depot St., Tracy City, TN 37387
Visitor Information Center: (931) 592-6200

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