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August 5, 2020
The “Scopes Monkey Trial” took place in July 1925, featuring the prosecution of John Scopes, a 24-year-old science teacher, for teaching evolution in a Tenn..

July 29, 2020
Dayton was settled in 1820 as Smith's Crossroads; in 1877, the town was renamed after Dayton, Ohio. This historic town is famous for hosting the Scopes Trial - ..

March 6, 2020
    Harrison Bay- Tennessee’s First State Park Harrison Bay became Tennessee's first state park in 1937. Originally developed by the Civilian C..

Mountain Biking - Bird Watching - Fishing - More   One of Tennessee’s smaller and lesser-known parks, the 353-acre Booker T. Washington State Par..

February 6, 2020
(Image:  Sketch of three Cherokee leaders by Henry Timberlake, 1762)   The Chattanooga region of Southeast Tennessee can be experienced through so man..

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