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Just Passin’ Through: Series 1


A collection of small breaks as you make your way through our beautiful regions. We hope you enjoy these snapshots of Tennessee culture and creativity as much as we do! Feature: Kimball/Jasper, TN


Kimball Tennessee is a great place to pile out of the car and stretch your legs. Thankfully, right off the highway there is a convenient gas station. Here you can load up on snacks, beverages, and even stop to grab a bite to eat at the Waffle House across the street.

But before you leave, be sure to take a moment and look at the 20-foot Rockwall hugging the side of the Shell. You’ll find an array of brightly colored rock with quotes, images, and memorabilia. This cute stop is where locals and people passing through leave painted rocks. The Rockwall originated to encourage community involvement, but since then the idea has taken off with over 150 contributors in just three years.

Go check it out and see what people have to say.

Will you be the next contributor?  



To Visit:

Shell Tri-Star Energy: 205 Main St, Jasper, TN

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