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Experience: Book Your Guided Hike with “Experience Chattanooga”

Experience Chattanooga‘s mission is “to share the natural beauty of Tennessee & local tastes of Chattanooga with other to instill appreciation, joy and wonder. Book an experience on their website, and they will take care of everything else. Their tour guides will pick you up at your hotel or vacation rental, drive you out to the hiking trails, guide you to the best views, provide professional photography of your whole adventure and then drop you right back off at your hotel or vacation rental with coupons to some of Chattanooga’s best local restaurants.

Their best-selling adventure tour is called “Dealer’s Choice,” and it includes two adventures in one. According to their website, one of the more popular itineraries for this tour is to do a sunrise hike in the mountains and then visit one of Tennessee’s most beautiful natural waterfalls. Here is a recent customer review of that tour:

“Hope and Ryan were amazing tour guides for our first time hiking in Chattanooga! They were very personable and made our experience very enjoyable. We enjoyed our experience as much as their company! They took us to a beautiful sunrise and a little hike to see a gorgeous waterfall. They also took pictures/videos of the entire experience for us which was great! It really allowed us to be in the moment and soak in the scenery without having to worry about capturing each moment. They also gave great recommendations for food and things to do/see in the area. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is planning a visit or any locals who just want something to do with great people!”

Recent Customer

This summer, they will be offering tons of fun adventures to escape the heat, including waterfall swimming tours and guided hikes to unique local swimming holes. Besides the endless adventure, chauffeur services, professional photography, and restaurant discounts, what else makes Experience Chattanooga tours so special? Well, their tours are limited to 5 participants or less. In fact, every tour they’ve done so far has been a private tour – so you’re not going on an adventure with 20 strangers, you’re going on an adventure with your loved ones & with two local experts who (according to customer reviews) will feel more like your best friends than your tour guides!

So if you’re craving adventure in your life, look no farther than Experience Chattanooga. Hope & Ryan will give you a day you won’t forget and a personalized gallery of photos like the ones above, so you can show them off to friends and family.

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